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Bring Fantastic Arcade home to you with six amazing and exclusive games, presented by Austin's independent game collective JUEGOS RANCHEROS!

We brought together six of the most talented indie developers from around the world to create new games, all of which made their debut at our eighth-annual indie game festival, Fantastic Arcade, which took place in Austin, TX, November 17th through 19th, 2017.

All proceeds from the sale of this bundle benefit our non-profit organization. Help us showcase more amazing games both here in Austin and a city near you, and commission more fantastic developers to create new games like these!

Included in this bundle are all six games you see here:

PIPSQUEAK, by Jenny Jiao Hsia

Pipsqueak has only one purpose in life: to eat all the eggs he can find. Help Pipsqueak traverse through unseasoned terrain and vanquish any and all who get in his way.  (Windows, Mac)

Jenny Jiao Hsia is the artist behind games like Beglitched and Stellar Smooch, and is currently creating Consume Me. You can play more of her work here on itch.io.

PANIC VARIANTS, by Loren Schmidt

A collection of three projects, including one solo piece and two collaborations. 

Panic Variants, by Loren Schmidt, begins as a short, branching arcade game, but opens up into something else as it is replayed and explored.

Pluinola, created with Tammy Duplantis, is an audiovisual instrument which uses cellular automata to drive sound generation. 

Fossil Plant Slideshow, by KR Pipkin and Loren Schmidt (collectively, Withering Systems) is a diorama piece involving an interior design boutique.  (Windows, Mac, Linux) 

Loren Schmidt is the creator of Strawberry CubesRealistic Kissing Simulator and the IGF-nominated Star Guard. You can find more of their work here on itch.io.

ROTOR, by Connor Mccann

The base is breached! Navigate malfunctioning drones through the defense grid to discover the secrets of an invading anomaly. ROTOR is an abstract arcade game featuring an original soundtrack by Asthmatic Kitty recording artist Chris Schlarb. (Windows, Mac)

Conor Mccann is a Texas-based artist best known for his Mystic Western Game Jam game Black Gold, and many more games and experiments found right here on itch.io

In addition to his extensive discography, Chris Schlarb's work has also featured in videogames including Dropsy and NightSky, available on PC and Nintendo 3DS.

THE STAKES ARE TOO HIGH, by Fernando Ramallo

An endless stream of experiments from the GAME THAT NEVER WAS! Witness a shocking peek into the Artist's mind as they delve deep into the AMERICAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM! (Windows, Mac)

Fernando Ramallo is the creator of the incredible interactive music/landscape app Panoramical.

BANANA CHALICE, by Kyle Reimergarten

FJORDS 2 (Windows)

Kyle Reimergartin is the developer behind our long-time favorite game Fjords, as well as a number of other tiny games and experiments available here on itch.io.

[NOTE: Though we refer to it simply as Banana Chalice, this bundle-exclusive version's actual title is: "Near My Sins // Awaken Thy Blood [newline] or, Never Feel Pain X274 Captured Beast Banana Chalice (_FROGDIRECTION360 rancheros dream SHAREWARE VISION) Everlastic Legacy of Jazz". -ed.]

FORGET-ME-NOT_R, by Brandon Williamson

Mazes and monsters and mushrooms and flowers and witches and potions and eyeballs and tombstones and turners and dashers and grinders and slimers, and bombs, and bombs, and bombs. Plagued with the curse of autofire, you roam the corridors of Forget-Me-Not forever, in search of a cure for your beloved... (Windows, Linux) (Mac version is forthcoming & will be available to all who purchased the bundle when it is available!)

Brandon Williamson is known best for the original Forget-Me-Not, and has a number of other game and music projects available for download at nyarlu.net.

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Panic Variants (Windows) 75 MB
Panic Variants (Mac) 120 MB
Panic Variants (Linux) 73 MB
ROTOR (Windows) 156 MB
ROTOR (Mac) 91 MB
ROTOR (Soundtrack) 39 MB
The Stakes Are Too High (Windows) 210 MB
The Stakes Are Too High (Mac) 256 MB
Banana Chalice (Win) 108 MB
Forget-Me-Not_R (Win 64bit) 4 MB
Forget-Me-Not_R (Win 32bit) 4 MB
Forget-Me-Not_R (Mac) 4 MB
Forget-Me-Not_R (Linux) 3 MB